What is a Courier Service?

15 septiembre, 2021 | Envíos

In this post, we’re going to define what a courier service is and why it can be so helpful to you in order to send your packages from USA to your family and friends or even customers in Latin America.

Fenix Cargo & Logistics is a company who have been flying for more than 13 years with your dreams. Since our foundation we have strived to be your number one ally in the United States by providing you with reliable and high-quality freight transport.   

You must know that thanks to you and due to our experience in the logistics industry, we have become the best logistic operator for people, small and large companies, who trust in our work. 

What is a Courier Service? 

Firstly, as you well know or in case you don’t we must mention that we provide a courier service for you. At Fenix we are passionate about making your wishes come true. 

Secondly, a courier service is an alternative to the usual mail service because it facilitates the delivery of parcels, messages or packages from one place to another. 

In the past few years this service has become more and more popular as a consequence of the surprising increase in customer demands around the world, resulting from globalization because individuals are building their relationships with people of different countries.

Also, there are a lot of people who move to another countries in pursuit for a better life, for example USA is well known for the American Dream, many people lives far from their families. And if this is your case we provide you the courier service in two ways nationally and internationally, in order to communicate with your family.

Types of Courier Service 

There are two types of courier services:

National shipping: it’s a service that offers you a delivery service across the country, that is ship from state to state or from city to city.

In fact at Fenix Cargo you can deliver across the USA, in places like the following ones: West Palm Beach, Orlando, Kissimmee, Homestead, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

We are going to provide our service to other states coming soon such as Houston and California.

International shipping with this service you could ship your parcels to foreign countries.

For instance at Fenix Cargo we will offer both types of courier services national and international shipping, in addition to that we provide home delivery service. Indeed, you can deliver your packages from USA to many other countries and with special rates, like the following list: 

  • Mexico
  • Honduras
  • Guatemala
  • Salvador
  • Venezuela
  • Dominican Republic 
  • Colombia
  • Panama
  • Spain
  • Canada 
  • Russia

Fenix can send parcels anywhere in the world, but it has an additional cost because the delivery has to be done through a third party. Instead, if your shipment is to one of the previous countries our rates are less due to we have our own network of allies.

Why use a courier service?

Courier service could be the best option for you, whether you have a small business and need a shipping service for sending multiple packages to your clients, or need a shipping internationally solution when you want to deliver something to your family and friends in other countries.

Steps to use a courier service

In three steps the people you care most will have your ships in their hands.

  1. Drop off packages at a Fenix Cargo office near you.
  2. Fenix Cargo flies with your dreams.
  3. Knock knock! Your package was delivered.

Remember when you use our courier service the products you want to ship should not exceed 200 to 300 USD since there can be issues about duties and tax you will have to pay.

Now you know what and how to use a courier service, it’s time to drop off your packages at Fenix Cargo.

Visit our website and you will find all the information you need to prepare your next shipment with us.