Send packages anywhere

If you are based in the United States and want to send a package to any other country, or within the US, this is the service you need.

With our courier service you can bring your packs directly to our offices or ask them to be picked at your home, and we will send them to the destination you want.

If you are a small or big business owner, we can be your shipping supplier.

In the other hand, if you are from another country living in the US and want to send invaluable content to your family and friends in your hometown, you can count on us. We have special rates for the countries mentioned below, keep scrolling.

Where do we ship to?

We sell to any main city inside and outside US, but we have special rates for transporting to the next destinations:

We pick them for you

Our central warehouse is in Doral City, Miami. You can bring your packages here to start the shipping process.

If you live outside Miami or can’t come to our office, for an additional fee we can pick them out for you in the next places:

Contact us whenever & wherever you need it.

In case you need some assistance or want to schedule a pick up for your courier service, use this form so we can contact you to give you all the rates, weight limits and additional information you need.

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