P.O. Fenix

Your valid address in the USA to receive all your purchases. We’ll delivery it to your door.

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The top priority is to deliver your cargo to your door as soon as posible.


Never loose track of your shipment.

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P.O. Fenix

Open a P.O. Fenix account to get a valid address in the USA so you can receive all your purchases, which we’ll deliver to your door.


Global Transport

Whatever cargo you need to move from and to around the world by sky, seas or the road, Fenix Cargo is your strategic allied to deliver on time.


Corporate P.O. Fenix

A new solution we are offering to those companies spending too much money and waiting too long to import small purchases.


Fenix Purchase

Soon we’ll launch our new e-commerce service.


Is a great solution to import in a few days any purchase you do in the USA, as long as you follow the following rules:

  • Total invoice value must be under USD $2,000.00
  • Six or less units of the same classification.
  • Total weight must be under 110 lbs.

Once you open your P.O. Fenix account, we’ll provide you with the new shipping address you’ll use in all your new purchases. As soon as we receive your orders, we’ll set them up ship to your door as soon as possible.


Track all your orders here, just using your Guide Number.

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Miami, USA

Adress: 7705 NW 46 ST, Doral, FL, 33166
Contact: Leonardo Castro
Phone: Master +1-305-717-6595
                WhatsApp +1-786-602-2042

Chicago, USA

Adress: 3109 W Montrose Av. Chicago, IL 60618

Contact: Rodrigo Gómez

Bogotá, COL

Adress: Carrera 97-24 C51 Bodega 17, Centro Empresarial Muelle industrial (Entrar por la segunda Portería).

Phone: Master 1-744-2013
                Móvil: +57-313-439-2635

Panama City, PTY

Adress: Carrasquilla Calle 62 a Oeste, Edificio 27, Local 2. (justo al frente del coif del mop) El Caminito. Panamá
Contact: Adonai Quintero
Phone: +507-3948782

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7705 NW 46 ST, Doral, FL, 33166, USA
+1 (305)-717-6595